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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I wear the same watch year round?
A: Yes and No. Think of your watch as you would yourself: you can keep the same face, but change the bands. This also is the opportune moment to showcase your personal style.

Q: So, I change the bands? What color do I choose?
A: You can never go wrong with a black leather band; however, that can become quite wearisome. Why not go for something with color? Compliment the face with a beige, olive, or an orange.

Q: Analog or Digital?
A: Now, are you asking what the difference is between ‘Analog’ and ‘Digital’, or are you asking which one to wear? [Sigh] Do we even have the time? Of course we do! We have an extra hour, so I’ll answer both for you.

An Analog watch is what you’re most accustomed to seeing, traditionally: it showcases a numbered dial upon which displays a rotating hour hand and a longer, rotating minute hand.

A Digital watch displays a face that showcases the time as a number.
Now, which of those I suggest you wear?

It’s up to your personal preference, but I find a Digital face to be most appealing—but, I’m more of a traditional type of man.

Q: Who wore the first wristwatch?
A: Military men first wore Wristwatches in the 19th century. In doing so, they were able to engineer maneuvers without being recognized by the enemy.

Now that’s what I like to call ABOUT FACE.

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