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She Says …

The leaves have mostly all turned the bright colors of Fall. There are some on the ground and families are raking the leaves into piles to jump headfirst into the crunchy concoction of fun.

We, as Americans, sometimes take our freedom and what it means to be free for granted. We go about our days blinded by the ever-increasing responsibilities of adulthood.

In November, we celebrate the veterans that have made it possible for us to “forget” those sacrifices. It is impossible for us to fully represent the gratitude for those sacrifices that many have endured and continue to endure to provide us with the liberties that we are accustomed to. The veterans that we have met throughout our lives are, in essence, our daily heroes. They are brave, compassionate, patriotic, and selfless to give so much of themselves to many of us whom they will never get to meet. Their bravery, their selflessness, their commitment to a country that stands for freedom and honor cannot go unnoticed. We at VIPSEEN may not be able to reach every veteran in our area, but in this issue we will try to highlight some of our fellow Americans that have become our everyday hero.

While putting this issue together, I have come to realize, that it is not only the men and women that stand on the front line that we must ecognize, but those that have contributed to all aspects of the military. Those brave men and women behind the lines often go unnoticed as well, so we dedicate this issue to ALL the veterans, whether you have seen the horrors of a war or you’ve helped intelligence find the enemy brigade that will be attacking your fellow American.

Freedom comes at a cost. Take the time, not only in November, but everyday to stand together and support the men and women that work relentlessly to protect that very freedom that we sometimes take for granted.

Angelica Ares
Creative Director

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