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It feels good to be back in the swing of things here at VIPSEEN! I honestly did not realize how much I missed doing what I love with some of the people that I love the most! There was a short period of time that I actually questioned if I could juggle all the things currently on my plate and then I remembered…I could do anything I set my mind to! I remembered that I am a strong woman who has been raised and infl uenced and inspired by many other strong women, both before me and currently beside me. Most of all, I am a woman of faith and I know God will never give me more than He thinks I can handle.

So many exciting things are taking place here at the magazine and the energy in this company is at an all time high! If you are a Facebook Member, then you may have noticed a little thing called VIPSEEN Live! With Whitney and Morgan. I am beyond excited to be adding this dynamic duo to our team and to be launching this new social initiative. Whitney and Morgan will be taking our readers to events across the region Live! Via Facebook and YouTube. In addition, they will be taking you inside many businesses to give you a sneak peak behind the storefront. A special thank you to Horizon Credit Union for being our very first sponsor of the “Red Carpet Report”. We are sincerely looking forward to sharing the great stories and people of Horizon Credit Union over the next several months!

I hope you enjoy this month’s issue, as it is always one of my favorites. Please, go to Facebook to “LIKE” and “FOLLOW ” the VIPSEEN LIVE! with Whitney and Morgan page as well as the VIPSEEN Tri-Cities magazine page and never miss another event again! If you would like more information on VIPSEEN Live, please feel free to contact me at

Angela Baker

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