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Power Women: Whitney Carr



Whitney Carr was a young girl she used to watch Wonder Woman with her father. “We never missed an episode,” she tells me, “I fell in love with what the character represented. Her ability to help others and to fight crime, along with her power and strength were inspiring to me.” Whitney’s parents took a day off work one year to make the young girl a home made, and slightly ragtag, Halloween costume, which was a huge success. “I wore that costume for several years until I finally grew out of it!” Whitney still owns the costume and she has dressed as Wonder Woman many times over the years, as recently as last Halloween when she had a professional costume made for her, and her love the for female superhero has only grown stronger with each incantation. What drives Carr these days? What super hero battles does she fight in
her community? “I am a huge animal advocate,” she tells me excitedly, “I love animals, especially dogs, and have a huge heart when it comes to helping homeless animals. Our shelters are always full and it breaks my heart to know that some pets must be euthanized simply because there is no room for them.”

Both of Whitney’s daughters are actively involved with animals as well with her oldest daughter Jurnee being well known for the work she’s done over the last ten years to help animals. Jurnee founded her own non-profit organization, Jurnee’s Journey Foundation, and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Non-Profi t Business. She serves as a District Leader for the TN Humane Society of the United States and has interned at the HSUS national headquarters in Washington DC. Not to be left out, Whitney’s son Daxx has played in the Jr. TGA Tour for last five years and is the former area champion. He loves to ride his dirt bike and he’s also played football for eight years. Daxx hopes to play football for the University of Tennessee one day.

Whitney grew up the youngest of eight children, an experience that has helped shape who she is today, but doing so also meant that she had plenty of role models to help her along the way. “I was the youngest of eight so my sisters were my role models. Each played a significant part in my upbringing, especially my oldest sister Cheryl, who was 15 when I was born and was like a second mother to me. She is now my best friend and Godmother to all three of my children.” Growing up the youngest meant that she had to be scrappy in order to get by and that skill is one that Carr still uses today. “One of my favorite quotes is from Nora Roberts, ‘If you don’t ask then the answer is always no’ and I really stick to that. There are so many things in my life that I wouldn’t have if I had not asked for them. Don’t expect others to come along and give you what you feel you are missing: go and get it!” This spunk is what Whitney used in order to get many of the jobs that she has held over the years, thirty or more, but it is also what helped her land her position in TV. “I went to the station and asked them that if they ever decided to do a new show would they please consider me for the position.” Several years, and hundreds of shows later, the other half of the morning TV duo is thankful for the opportunity in TV and grateful for the guidance of her co-host Morgan King. “Morgan really took me under his wing and has worked hard to show me the ropes. I had never done television before, but Morgan has over three decades of experience and he has taught me so much. His work ethic is phenomenal and his huge heart and quick wit make him an absolute joy to work with.”

Along with spending time with her husband, who she’ll celebrate twenty-four years of marriage with this year, and three kids, Whitney enjoys going out into the community and seeing what this region has to offer. “I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many new people. I’ve learned so much about our region and I truly enjoy sharing that information with others. I enjoy going to businesses, restaurants, and area attractions to talk with talented people. Getting to share these experiences with the world is just icing on the cake! We live in such a cool place and it’s exciting to tell others all about it!” Carr may not be able to share the region with others on Good Day Tri-Cities anymore, but she and Morgan have not slowed down. “Our new adventure is just starting and Morgan and I both are thrilled to be bringing our show to a new audience! Digital media is the new way of broadcasting news, information, and social highlights so Morgan and I will be doing VIPSEEN Live! We have a blast together and we will be at every event we can physically make it to and streaming live to social media. Expect to see inside businesses, tour attractions, and learn about all the talent we have in our area.” It is clear to see that Whitney Carr is finally in a place that she feels comfortable with as far as careers go. The road here hasn’t been easy, it never is, but she realizes that all that came before has worked to prepare her for what lies ahead. “What I didn’t realize until recently is that God was shaping and molding me for bigger and better things through my ‘careers’. I kept my faith and pressed forward knowing that He was leading the way. With each new venture I learned something new and grasped at hands-on knowledge, experiences and people skills they don’t teach at any school. This has brought me to where I am today.” Best of luck to Whitney Carr and Morgan King and as the old Irish proverb goes, “May the road rise up to meet you and wind be ever at your back.”

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