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Elk Park, North Carolina

Day Trippin’ with Linda

We live in such a beautiful area and this day trip proved to me how many opportunities are within a day trip for a memorable adventure! About an hour from the Tri-Cities is the small town of Elk Park, North Carolina. A friend called and asked if I wanted to go see some waterfalls in the area of Elk Park and we took off on a Sunday morning in February. Stopping at the Dollar General Store for some granola bars, we asked for directions to the Elk River Falls. They quickly pointed out the signs that marked the road to the park. It is a 4 mile drive to the parking area. The walk to the falls from the parking area to the falls is short – approximately ¼ mile. It was so amazing to stand at the top of the waterfalls and witness the power of the water.

From the Elk River Falls, we started out on a hike to Jones Falls. We hiked along the river, past pastures, and eventually ended up on the Appalachian Trial, which is marked with white blazes on the trees. As we ascended a mountain, the noise from Jones Falls could be heard and we left the Appalachian Trail to follow the blue blaze to the falls.

Jones Falls is over 100 feet tall and the sunlight was hitting it perfectly. It was a wonderful spot to sit, reflect, and enjoy those granola bars!

We then headed back to Elk River Falls and decided to try a “less marked” path. It required some scrambling over and under trees, but we followed the sound of the water and ended up back at the beach of Elk River Falls.

The hike is about 3.5 miles, it is steep in some areas, and has two creek crossing.

Elk Park has several unique shopping opportunities and we were surprised to discover a Turkish Diner on the way home. Baklava in the mountains after hiking? Yes, please!

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