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Morgan King

VIPSeen Live! / Social Media Influencer

M organ King is not one to shy away from anything in life, but most especially work. The running joke about Morgan is mention a job that pays and he’ll take it with no questions asked. It might sound odd to do so, but jumping in is reflective of Morgan’s philosophy on life: when many others wonder why, King asks, ‘why not?’ To date, Morgan King has held nearly forty jobs in fields as wide ranging as steel mill worker, to barber, to a year working as a harness maker with the Amish. “I lived with the Amish for a year and worked in a Harness Shop in Mesopotamia, Ohio. No electricity, horse and buggy transportation, no indoor plumbing; the whole bit. Why wouldn’t I take the opportunity? I learned a lot.” King is certain that all of the job experiences that he has had over the years is what has led him to where he is now. “I am able to connect with most folks on some level in an interview because of my cornucopia of life experiences. Empathy and understanding are imperative to being a successful broadcaster.”

Morgan’s broadcasting career began innocently enough at The First Contemporary Christian station in the Tri-Cities: WPRQ. Here, he went from a weekend volunteer, to eventually working his way up to hosting the weekday morning show known as “Morgan in the Morning”. The next stop was as a DJ at 98.5 WTFM: filling in on any shift that needed him and still fills in on occasion. King then made his move into television as fill-in weatherman until eventually taking that position full time. “I think most people can see, just from watching local television, that broadcasting is a nomadic venture.” Morgan went on to do weather for WCYB in Bristol and WLOS in Asheville, NC but feels he found his TV niche when he got the call to co-host Daytime Tri-Cities. “What a great gig to help people get their morning off to a pleasant start with some information and a smile. I used to watch The Morning Exchange, a TV show in Cleveland Ohio, and several years later The Today Show when Jane Pauley, Tom Brokaw, and Willard Scott were the team and I loved it. I wanted to be what they were: information entertainers.” Things were going along smoothly for many years and King was quite happy hosting Good Day Tri-Cities with his co-host Whitney Carr until, once again, life intervened and sent Morgan shooting off onto another path.

“It came as quite a shock when WKPT-TV announced that they would cease local programming in January of 2017. I immediately sent an email to friends and clients of Good Day Tri-Cities informing them of the unfortunate turn of events.” Morgan was pleasantly surprised when, as he likes to say, “the skies opened up and the angels sang. My last day at WKPT was my first day at VIPSEEN Magazine. Angela Baker and Angelica Ares had contacted Whitney and I about doing a live segment for the magazine. The rest, they like to say, is history.” A friend had recommended to VIPSEEN that they start LIVE! Streaming on their Facebook page in order to take their readers to the events that they cover in the pages of their magazine. Whitney and Morgan now do what they used to do on TV, but they do it LIVE! on the Internet. Anyone can follow their adventures on the VIPSEEN Facebook page VIPSEEN LIVE! with Whiney and Morgan and they will soon be streaming to YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter as well.

No one can say that Morgan King has led a boring life up to this point and, judging by his past exploits, it is anyone’s guess what the future holds but one thing is clear: he will continue to entertain. “I play bass guitar for three services each week at Cornerstone Church in Johnson City. My wife Linda, a nurse recruiter for Wellmont, and I love nature walks and to bike as much as possible. Our two children, Benjamin and Eliza, both live in Charlotte so we try to get to see them and our grandkids as much as possible along with everything else we do.” Slowing down is not an idea that seems to exist in King’s mind and collecting dust is a task left solely for those who have no sense of adventure. Not a single person anywhere will catch Morgan King sitting on his laurels when there is work to be done, but I have a feeling that he wouldn’t want it any other way.

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