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Sound Advice for the Teenagers of Today…

  • Bad eyebrows can ruin your life. I know it’s kind of trendy right now, but don’t have your eyebrows tattooed on in a dark color or wide swath. It’s all fun and games today, but when you’re 27 and you look like Ernie from Sesame Street; I promise you’ll regret it.
  • Read the book. The Cliff’s notes will not make sense and you WILL fail the test. Besides, Cliffs Notes are the first step in the lazy person’s ultimate downfall. First you buy Cliffs Notes, and next thing you know, you’re in jail for cheating on your taxes.
  • There are some self-absorbed jack wagons in the world who will make your life miserable if you let them. When, you encounter them, run away as quickly as you can, because they will suck you into their vortex of drama and you will be unable to escape.
  • Be kind. Use good manners. Show respect. There are already enough hateful, rude, disrespectful jerks in the world.
  • Your mother is right 99% of the time. She can spot a fake friend/ boyfriend/girlfriend from a mile away. She can see you heading toward one of life’s pitfalls long before you do and she will risk her own life to save you from it. Your mom knows everything about you and she still loves you unconditionally. This is why it’s never a good idea to lie to your mother. She loves you, but she will bust you faster than the FBI.
  • Don’t post your every emotion on social media. Your Facebook and Instagram accounts will carry more weight than your resume with future employers. So, make sure you’re not giving the impression that you are a melodramatic, emotional nutcase or a Bipole from Bipolarville.
  • Just because something is in style doesn’t mean you should wear it. For example, people are wearing clothes now that do not match in any way. One day, in the not so distant future, pictures of you wearing a plaid top and leggings with unicorns on them will be an embarrassment. Classy never goes out of style.
  • The most popular teenagers never become the most popular adults, so don’t worry about popularity in high school; however, when you turn 25 and still have no friends, feel free to start worrying.
  • Never be afraid to fail. Failure is okay…. unless it involves a tattoo or a parachute.
  • Work hard and never stop learning, because nobody likes a lazy idiot.
  • Never worry about what other people think unless they are providing the roof over your head or writing your paycheck.
  • It’s okay to be semi-socially awkward, but never venture into full-on social awkwardness. You can never recover from complete social awkwardness, so instead of flying your freak flag high; it’s best to fly your freak flag at half-mast.
  • The most common element in the world is oxygen. The second most common is stupidity. Breathe in one and swear off the other. There’s enough stupidity in the world already, please don’t contribute to the stupidity epidemic our country is already currently experiencing.
  • Don’t compare yourself to other people; their lives are more screwed up than you think.
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Beth is a wife to Stephen, mother of 2 boys, and business owner who is passionate about Jesus. She likes the color orange, good grammar, and junk food; she detests misspelled words, laziness, and mouth noises of all kinds. She is also passionate about helping people create residual income by working part time from home.