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Education is one of those things that doesn’t get the credit it deserves. It is the foundation of who we are and the pathway to what we will become. Yet, it is often disregarded or taken for granted. I have been guilty of doing so myself.

Having children changed my viewpoint on many things in life. I realized I was no longer living for myself and wanted to be someone they would be proud to call “Mama.” I have made it my mission to lead my children down a better path than the one I originally opted to travel in my younger years. A path that puts an emphasis on the importance of education and respect supported by an abundance of love sprinkled with the right amount of confidence. So far, my efforts have been fruitful. My daughter, now a junior in college, is on the Dean’s List. My son, just finished up the 8th grade on the President’s List. I often joke with Mickey that if Jackson isn’t smart that it will be because of Mickey’s genetics and not mine. (I’m kidding, of course) In this month’s issue, we highlight some of the Colleges/Universities that surround our region and some of the students who call these institutions their Alma Mater. Exploring schools with your child is an exciting time and the options are plentiful. I hope that this issue is a useful tool in the search process.

A special thank you to the students on the cover and to Nathan Mays Photography for capturing another great cover.

Never stop learning!

Angela Baker

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