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Happy New Year to the New You!

Welcome to the New Year. 2017 will soon fade out of existence and 2018 will break like a beautiful dawn: full of promise and hope. Every year, many of us make resolutions based on past mistakes. Gain a few pounds? Then resolve to go gluten free and exercise more. Drink one too many glasses of wine each night before bed? Then resolve to pour out that wine or swap it out for warm milk. Whatever resolution we make doesn’t matter since only about eight percent of resolutions actually succeed. Failure is not an option though! This year, don’t be one of the eight percent and, instead, find a resolution that is easy to stick to in order to maintain that momentum for a lifelong change. Small steps are best so don’t cut out pizza all together; just maybe skip having it four times a week. Cook at home one night more than you do now, try not to yell in traffic, or charge your phone in the kitchen to avoid looking at it right before bed and first thing in the morning. We all want to be better about something because self-improvement and adaptation are what keeps life interesting: that and cat videos. So ring in 2018 with a can-do attitude and the strength to change something small. Who knows? Succeeding at something small might turn into something big. Happy New Year!
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