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‘Twas the First of December…

‘Twas the first of December and all through the yard,
Millions of lights were twinkling, ‘cause we Christmas hard.

Our trees have been up since before Halloween,
We don’t care what haters say – Christmas haters are mean,

The presents were bought and wrapped in November,
What we bought everyone, I can’t even remember,

Christmas spending this year was not overextended,
Because of all the people on Facebook I offended,

My niece found some app that helps you draw names,
Because drawing from a hat is apparently lame,

My kids get more expensive with each passing year,
We’ve gone from cheap toys to gold watches up in here,

I’m tempted to box up and wrap with sass,
A picture of braces, car title, and some money for gas,

Kids are expensive all year, if you ask me,
But still have the guts to ask for big gifts under the tree,

When I was a kid, $20 Walkmen were treats,
Now we lay down $400 for some Beats.

I miss the days before smart watches and phones,
When kids wanted board games and never heard of drones, 

They don’t understand about Christmas in old days,
When our gift was socks and we walked to school uphill both ways,

When I was a kid at Christmas, we stayed home on most nights,
We didn’t fly to New York City just to “look at the lights”,

Things were much simpler then than they are now,
Over time, we’ve made Christmas into a chore somehow,

In my humble opinion, it would do us a lot of good,
To celebrate Christmas as we all know we should,

Stop all the rushing around that Christmastime brings,
And get back to simply celebrating the birth of our King.


Merry CHRISTmas!!!


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