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One Dollar – What An Impact! Crossroads Medical Mission

Nurse practitioner, Katie Johnson, was at a clinic site when she noticed a patient she had not seen for over a year. The patient, “Annie”, registered for an appointment, and waited a long time to see Katie. After losing her insurance, Annie decided to come to Crossroads. Lab tests we performed revealed that her kidney function was poor. A “friend” of Crossroads Medical Mission saw Annie at no cost and reviewed her pathology report. The tumor was benign, but was large and growing.

At the same time, Annie’s kidney function continued to decline.  Crossroads was able to refer her to the University of Virginia for surgery and nephrology.  She was followed there for a while. Her life-threatening chronic illness qualified her to be added to Medicaid rolls.  Once established in that system, she was able to have surgery to remove the mass and to place a shunt.  Thereafter, she was receiving dialysis 3 times a week.  Prior to dialysis, she slept the majority of her day and not only did she have no appetite, but she stayed nauseated.

Annie’s return to Crossroads Medical Mission and her wait to be seen was not because she wanted to receive medical care, rather, she returned to Crossroads to visit and especially to hug Katie Johnson, to hug the volunteers’ and to say, “Thank you!”

Annie, a quiet, unassuming and sweet lady told us she has more energy and feels much better.  We noticed her complexion had changed from a sallow, unhealthy hue to a rosy glow. As she disembarked the mobile clinic, she “secretly” placed $1 in our donation bucket!

“The Doctor’s Office on Wheels” is a name given to Crossroads Medical Mission, a mobile medical clinic and Christian mission that provides free of charge: healthcare, medications, lab tests, patient management and patient education to patients who have low income and do not have insurance.  Working hand-in-hand with other outreach ministries in the area, staff and volunteers deliver health care by taking the care directly to people in need.

Crossroads Medical Mission strives to retain our grassroots dedication to this area, while adapting as needed. Last year, Crossroads helped 1200 individuals and provided over $1,500,000 worth of services without passing along their costs to the people we serve. This year, Crossroads Medical Mission plans to implement a new program using acupuncture to help patients with cravings, insomnia, anxiety and depression. We are involved in research regarding an additional mobile clinic and having a more frequent presence in downtown Bristol.

A favorite project of Crossroads Medical Mission is the annual trip to Mountain Mission School during which over 200 school and sports physicals are provided to the students of MMS. This year, Crossroads has 11 health care providers and 30 volunteers and staff for this annual trip to Grundy.

Crossroads celebrated 15 years of service to the community last year. Unable to exist without the generosity of local individuals, congregations, businesses and foundations, we would like to extend a huge thank you for your support!

Cindy Rockett, Executive Director of Crossroads Medical Mission, states, “Our staff, board of directors and volunteers worked diligently to achieve accreditation and and we recognize that living up to these standards brings a measure of quality standards and professionalism that benefit our patients, the communities we serve and even our funding partners.”

Crossroads Medical Mission, founded in 2002, provides medical services to individuals in need with an emphasis on the uninsured or underinsured.  Known around the Mountain Empire as “The Doctors’ Office on Wheels,” Crossroads provides, free of charge, primary and urgent health care via a fully equipped mobile medical unit.  Annually, Crossroads Medical Mission provides nearly 3,000 patient visits to citizens of the Mountain Empire.  In its first ten years, Crossroads has provided over 25,000 medical visits with an estimated value of services over $6.25 million dollars. (See current issue for more)

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