Creating a Sense of Community Throughout The Appalachian Highlands

2019 Power Woman: The Pink Ladies

Our Pink Ladies values reflect who we are and what we stand for.

Community Commitment
We develop relationships that make a positive

difference in the lives of children and animals

in the communities that we serve.

We work together to meet the needs of
children and animal organizations in our communities…
no matter how big or small.

Good Citizenship
We are good citizens in the communities in
which we live and work.

We uphold the highest standards

of integrity in all of our actions.

We value and respect our Pink Ladies. We encourage
their development by recognizing their performance.
The same respect is shared with the members
of the organizations that we volunteer with.

A Will To Succeed
We all share the will to succeed by leaving the
world in better shape than how we found it. We
are all winners. It is a part of our culture.

Personal Accountability
We are personally accountable

for delivering on our commitments.

The Pink Ladies believe that our compassion

for children and animals should be shared. It takes
a village to help a community. Awareness is the
first step in making a difference.

Servant Leadership

We believe that Servant Leadership is the best form
of leadership. The higher you are in an organization, the more
you are expected to serve others. This vision was shared with
us while working at Friendship and we will continue to practice
Servant Leadership while serving as Pink Ladies.


Pamela Ragan is President/Founder of the Pink Ladies and has been with Friendship Automotive since 2002. She is married to Bobby and they have two children: Meygan and Noah.

Pamela founded the Pink Ladies because she saw the need for volunteers in the community. She stands by her motto, “Together we can and will make a difference. We must help those who are less fortunate.”


Alycia’s favorite thing about being a Pink Lady is the social interaction with the community. She’s engaged to James Mckeehan. Her hobby is planning trips to Disney with her daughter Maddison.


Angela’s favorite thing about being a Pink Lady is being part of a great group of ladies that, not only support their local community, but also support one another. Angela’s superpower is her brain’s ability to solve tall problems in a single bound…well, most of the time.


Ashley has a five-year old, Mikayla, who is full of life! Ashley recently became engaged to Michael Barker. She likes being a Pink Lady because she loves helping the children in the community.


Brianna says, “It really makes me proud to call myself a Pink Lady. They do so much stuff for the community always giving back in any way that’s possible!” Hiking is her favorite way to spend a beautiful day and being a part of the Pink Ladies gives her so many opportunities to help out the local animal shelters.


Brittinee is engaged to another Friendship member Gabriel Hawley and she’s a dog mom to Oakley, a mini Aussie. Her favorite thing about being a Pink Lady has to be all the wonderful opportunities she gets to give back to others.


Cassidy loves the community and sisterhood she gets by being a part
of the Pink Ladies, it simply makes
her heart full of with joy! She’s married to Dustin.


Jessica is a daughter, sister, and Mommy to a six-year old little lady! They love their animals Sugar, Pumpkin Waffles, and Clover.  As a Pink Lady, Jessica loves helping out in the community and working together with women that are more like family and friends than co-workers!


Jessica is a musician and an artist. Her household consists of her and her little dog, Effy.

Being a Pink Lady means being able to participate in fun and beneficial activities as a group.


Kathy has been married to Butch for 19 years. They have four dogs and two cats, in addition to a combined human family of three children and eight grandchildren. Her favorite thing about being a Pink Lady is seeing the difference a small group of powerful women can make in the lives of others!


Larissa feels like her super power is having a big heart. She cares about so many things and wishes she had the ability to do more to help! Being a part of the Pink Ladies is the ability to bring a group of women together for a greater purpose! Larissa is married and has two step-daughters: Harlee and Taylin


Laura feels that her superpower is being a mom. There is nothing more rewarding than raising her two daughters, Morgan and Natalie. Her favorite thing about the Pink Ladies is the friendship she has gained from other women in the industry.


Rhonda loves spending time with her family – husband Ken, two children, Kenny and Jen, and their granddaughter Laken. She feels that Pink Ladies is a great vehicle to getting out in the community and helping organizations. She explains, “they get to know us and we get to know them – all while we are helping.”


Rachel believes that by being a Pink Lady, she’s helping the community by volunteering to help others less fortunate in the community.

Rachel enjoys reading and attending motorcycle races with her boyfriend Chad, daughter Elliott, and step-daughters Ella and Amelia.


Amanda says that she is focused, determined and caring, which comes in handy being a member of the Pink Ladies. Amanda says, “Being able to volunteer in our community and help the Boys & Girls Club and the local animal shelters is an amazing feeling!”


Tiffany enjoys being a part of the Pink Ladies because it helps her stay connected with other Friendship team members and the community. “It always warms my heart to see the joy of what just one kind act can do for others,” she states. Tiffany is also active with other organizations in Bristol.


Alana believes the best part of being with the Pink Ladies is meeting and having an impact on so many different people, both within the Friendship Family and in the community. “Giving anyone the opportunity to participate in something or accomplish a goal they never thought they would is a feeling I’m not sure I can put into words! Little things are taken for granted so often and leveling the playing field for someone isn’t something to be taken lightly. We’re blessed and we should do our best to share that as much as possible!” she explains of her passion for being a Pink Lady.

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