Creating a Sense of Community Throughout The Appalachian Highlands

Model: Courtney Lynn Smitts
HMUA: Sherri Jessee
Photo: Nathan Mays

About our model:
Miss Virginia USA 2019, Courtney Lynn Smitts, is a fifth-generation member of the military, serving for her fifth year as a Psychological Operations Specialist in the United States Army Reserve.
She is a student at Virginia’s Marymount University working towards her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication, with a double minor in Sociology and Social Work. Courtney is passionate about volunteering and serving her community and started her own organization at the age of 10 — along with her best friend Lilly — called Queens For Courage, to raise support and awareness for Wounded Warriors.

In her five years of military service, Courtney has experienced the direct effects that Veteran suicide has on a military organization through the loss of a Leader in her Chain of Command. Along with her support to Wounded Warriors, she also advocates for more access to mental health programs in an effort to decrease or eliminate the Veteran/Service Member suicide rate.

Beauty tips from our model:

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