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The New Traditional: The Classics Made Current

Story by David Mallory and Todd Fields | Photography by Mike Hensley, Johnson City Aerial Photography

When originally built, this home was designed with a rustic “Tuscan” style. Rooms filled with bronze and dark red fabrics, gold toned walls, heavy rock fireplace and leather furniture. This made the home feel dark and moody. Although fashionable at the time, it definitely did not reflect the personality of the family. They are a lively group who live a spirited lifestyle.

As in many cases, this couple has differing design aesthetics. The husband is more of a traditionalist, while the wife leans more modern.

From a designer’s standpoint, it was our job to bridge the gap between the two.

These clients looked to us to create an environment that reflected their personality and lifestyle. We created a design that we call, “The New Traditional”. Embracing the past, but not living in it—was our mantra. Combining classic elements with periodic punches of modern, created a look that spans a broad spectrum of design preferences.

We chose to focus on beautiful textures and clean lines to create a soft modern style, with a nod to classic traditional.

Having a versatile, neutral paint color on the walls creates the opportunity for the furniture, art, textiles and accessories in the room to evoke the desired mood.

Once we settled on the base palette, we knew we needed an accent color that would add spark to the room. After looking through countless swatches, we found it! It was one of those moments, when you find the perfect one. You know the feeling—when it “speaks” to you. A vibrant coral was just what we needed. Warm, inviting, and fun, this hue embodied the energy of this family.

This color choice allowed us to add a striking accent to the spacious and serene retreat, of Bryan and Misty Hawk, and their daughter Lauren, located in the Birthplace of Country Music Bristol TN/VA.

Apart from being highly fashionable, coral is a versatile color— easily paired with varying shades of creams, taupes, grays… even blues. Although neutrals prevail, the coral rears its spirited head often— injecting cheerful notes with the use of textiles.

The Ikat pattern on the ottomans is woven with a coral – color chenille, set against a calm background. While accent pillows add a splash of this new cheerful hue to the neutral sofas.

The pair of light colored mid – century inspired sofas keep the space visually open and airy.

Lets talk about those sofas… I am sure you may be saying “White sofas in a family room! Are you crazy?” High performance textiles have been revolutionized over the past few years. We offer fabrics that can literally repel a red wine spill…truly remarkable!

For symmetry, we flanked the redesigned fireplace with a matching pair of wooden chests, giving Bryan a bit of traditional. These were juxtaposed with a pair of modern lamps and mirrors, which were pleasing to Misty’s modern sensibility. Classic blue and white porcelains add a sense of welcoming and sophistication.

The dining room was transformed with the use of a metallic damask wallpaper and stunning blue silk drapery. The dining chairs were wrapped in a high performance linen look fabric, with a slight metallic sheen. The lamps were chosen for their unique show-stopping design! All these are centered around the star of the room, the large silk screen print with its gorgeous shades of azure blue.

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home.
It is were we begin and end each day. Upon entering, you want to feel an immediate sense of soothing and relaxation — a place where you can finally exhale.

A serene palette is essential to creating such an atmosphere. Soft tone on tone neutrals, accented with pale blues, create a cocoon of calm.

As designers, we are tasked with making thoughtful choices, with an emphasis on good design. We strive to create spaces that will weave seamlessly into the homeowners lives.

In this case, the culmination of all these decisions resulted in, “The New Traditional”.

A look that gives a nod to the past and has an eye on the future!

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